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I am a US based cinematographer with two decades experience, including work directing and producing.

My work spans scripted and non-scripted, working comfortably in studios and extreme environments, with teams small and large. This has brought extensive experience collaborating with US and UK productions, creating, and capturing content across the US and more than twenty countries. Subjects range from feature documentary and series, true-crime and recreations, build and process, adventure, cooking, travel, reality, and paranormal.


Providing clear direction and communication gives purpose to the crew. The result is more than a quality product, there’s pride behind it and a strong sense of comradery that lasts beyond time on set. Mentorship and providing environments for crewmembers to succeed and work towards their full potential is as important as the project itself. I work hard alongside crew to create a safe, efficient and enjoyable work experience.


I offer experience directing camera and talent for a natural feel with quality coverage, giving close attention to detail, guiding and unfolding the story coherently for the viewer. My upbringing in the industry taught me to tell a story through the lens naturally, on the move without disruption.


I work to exceed expectations and match the look, feel and pace of the subject. No project is the same and creating new and original visuals is among the best aspects of the job, pushing mediums to inspire the best quality in picture.


I've curated a personal selection of equipment including modern cameras, new and vintage glass, motion control and lighting. The combinations of these tools allow my work to be fast, efficient and provide the tailored imagery I’m expected to deliver. For more detail, see equipment.


Interviews, scene work and recreations. My lighting experience ranges from studio sets to exterior environments and vehicles. I provide quality lighting from bold and stylized, to subtle and natural. I have also worked extensively with available light keeping a small footprint while maintaining quality picture.


- Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot (US FAA)
- Phantom High-Speed Camera Systems Certification
- Firearm and Pyrotechnic Safety Experience

- Licensed to Carry Concealed Firearms (Class A)
- MSHAW Miner Safety Certified

- Set Construction/Dec and Woodworking Experience

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